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The Military Lightweight Club has now been in existence and displaying vehicles at shows and events since the beginning of 2011. The Club also provides a Website, Forum and Wiki for both Members and Non-Members to use to help with their projects and share an interest with like-minded individuals.

Since the outset, all funding required to run the Club has been provided by just one or two individuals. This includes the Clubs ‘Third party Public Liability Insurance’, which is needed for attendance at shows and events, and the costs for hosting the Website, Forum and Wiki.

In 2015, in an effort to help with the funding, individuals taking their vehicles to shows were asked to make a small donation to support the funding required. This has gone some way towards the costs, but is still a long way away from the total running costs that are needed.

Most Clubs have a membership fee that covers these costs, but that is not a route that we wish to take as many people want to be a member of more than one Club and we have never wanted people to have to choose between which Club they join, due to the high membership fees that Clubs charge.

In an effort to help with costs, we have recently added a ‘Donate’ button, where those who feel that the Club or Forum has/does help them, can show their support. Nobody is expected to make a donation, and if they do there isn’t a minimum amount expected. We must stress that this is purely on a voluntary basis.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Military Lightweight Club.