Overlord 25th – 27th May 2013


Overlord is one of the nicest, relaxed, yet well organised events that the Military Lightweight Club attends throughout the show season.


One thing that I will take away from this year’s show was the high number of Sankey trailer swaps, sales and part exchanges that occurred between the club members. Some of these trailers are on their fourth owner within the Club!

This was the second consecutive year, where I have not taken a Lightweight to the show, something that I definitely need to resolve for 2014 and will be working hard to do so.

Vehicles on the Club stand this year were courtesy of Cliff (Nato Potatoe), Steve (Chaos), Graham (Hibbo) and Rob (Landymad). Shaun (Tinweasel) and Ant (a01470258) came down in their cars to spend time with us and brought a great selection of display equipment which was much appreciated.

Rob and I set off from Doncaster on Thursday night in order to miss the traffic, and had a really good journey down arriving in the local area in the early hours of the morning. Rob was in his Para Recce replica and I followed him down in the Eco-Landy which was packed full of show gear and display equipment.

We slept in the vehicles until we were woken by the early morning commuters, and before heading to the showground nipped into town for breakfast. After some ‘fine-dining’ courtesy of a ‘well known’ burger chain, we travelled the last few miles to the event and checked in. We were told that we could pick our own spot so we looked for somewhere that would suit the Club and the number of vehicles/tents that we would have. It was quite cold and threatening rain, but we soon managed to get the 12 x 12, dining shelter and camo-net fence up and into position. Cliff, Graham and Steve arrived a little later and we helped them set up their tents and got the vehicles into position before the rain came down.

A simple oversight meant that we hadn’t brought any wood with us for the fire, so I went with Rob to the local garage to get some. This turned into an expensive oversight that should never be repeated. Back at the club stand and we fired up the pig so that we could get ourselves warmed up before going to bed. The rain wasn’t heavy, but it was relentless and the wind drove it under the shelter forcing us to huddle together to keep dry.

In the morning we awoke to find that Ant had arrived with his gear and we got him set-up in the spare 9 x 7 tent. The weather had turned and the sun came out and beat down on us all day, a much welcomed transformation. Just before lunch, we took the vehicles into the arena which is always fun as there are a few ditches and bumps to contend with.

Back at the Club stand and Rob had put out a few clansman bits that he had taken to sell and we had a steady stream of visitors to the stand. We also had plenty of visits from people that we knew from the Club, from other Clubs and even some Traders. Over the weekend, Clive came over and checked out all Cliff’s 24 volt spares. This was really good as it’s pointless carrying around parts which you don’t know that are serviceable, or not, and it’s sometimes hard to test them if you haven’t got the right equipment or knowledge to do so.

Val, Josh and Ruby spent time with us throughout the day and Ruby kept us all entertained with a bit of ‘stick throwing’. In the evening, Cliff diced up all the ingredients and we had the usual Saturday night Club curry, followed by a pleasant evening around the fire, sampling some of Graham’s very nice refreshments.

image003Sunday arrived and so did Shaun, dressed in Northern Ireland uniform. He did look good and got some great feedback throughout the day, which is always well received. Comments from ex-serving members are the best way to get your kit and displays accurate and wearing uniforms from ‘back in the day’ also help to keep memories alive for people. We went into the arena again and the weather was fantastic throughout the day.

There are always a reasonable number of Traders at Overlord and over the weekend, many bargains and investments were made although I refrained from buying something right until Monday morning, I bought an old SLR and I blame Steve for the purchase. Mid-afternoon came and Cliff arranged to meet up later in the day with Cam and Gill to collect a Sankey that he had bought from Graham (Debodged).

I managed a walk around the show and there were was a good selection of military vehicles on display along with an area with a fair number of classic cars and motorcycles. Val had offered to do a BBQ in the evening, so we didn’t have to worry about what we would be eating that night. After the show closed for the day, I went with Cliff to collect the Sankey from Cam and Gill, it was really nice to see them again. We had a lovely evening run in Cliff’s Lightweight and the trailer looked great behind the vehicle. We arrived back at the showground at around 19:00 and Val did a great job of feeding us all. It was another nice relaxed evening, but again was cold during the night.

Monday morning arrived and again the weather was very warm, with one or two of us being caught out by the sun. I had risen quite early so that I could take pictures for the website and on the way back to the stand stopped off for a coffee from one of the catering vans. Whilst waiting for my drink, I noticed that Steve was there and we sat chatting for a while before going back to the stand to see if anyone else was awake.

Late afternoon came and we started to pack things away. We finished packing around 17:30 and with the exception of Rob and myself everyone headed off home. We waited a few more hours, hoping that the Bank Holiday traffic would have calmed down before we left ourselves. Journey time to Rob’s was a steady 5 hours and I was home an hour later after making sure he arrived home safely.

The next show for us will be ‘War and Peace Revival’, in July, where we will be meeting up with several Club members for the first time.