LRO Show Peterborough 7th -8th September 2013

image001The Peterborough show always marks the end of the show season for the Club, but we still pulled out the stops and put on another excellent display of vehicles and equipment.

An early start for me on the Friday saw me down at Rob’s at 8am missing the morning traffic. The weather was shocking and I’d got soaking wet whilst packing, it didn’t look good for the weekend. Once at Rob’s, we had a brew and then hitched up Rob’s Sankey and finished his last bits of packing before heading to McD’s for breakfast, before making our journey down to Peterborough.

After breakfast, the rain had started to back off a little and we had a pleasant drive down the A1. On arrival at the showground, the ground was dry and we quickly put the 12 x 12 up as the forecast was for more rain. We also put up the shelter and had just finished when Graham (Hibbo) arrived with his Sankey looking good behind his LWT.

The weather was looking promising, so we stopped for a drink and a quick chat before putting up the camo-net fence. Once finished, Graham put up a tent for Jono and also his own tent and shelter and started making himself comfortable for the next few days. Rob and myself put the Kia in the tent and then set about getting our beds ready and unpacking the vehicles.

Cliff arrived next and we quickly put up his 9 x 9 and positioned his LWT next to Rob’s on the left hand side of the Stand. As we had brought a few spares to sell, we put these at the front of the stand and we had a steady stream of people looking at the bits and pieces. Ken from the Lightweight Club stopped by for and we also spent time with Adrian (Foxy 1) and his friends over the weekend.

Shaun arrived next and although he hadn’t managed to fix his LWT brakes in time for the show, he had driven up in his car and brought a good selection of weapons, radios and kit for the displays. Shaun stayed for a few hours before leaving for home, but he would return on Sunday for the day.

It soon became dark and as we were sat talking, Jono and daughter Bethany arrived image003and we helped them get their Sankey and LWT into position on the stand. We left them to unpack their vehicle and then all sat down around the fire to warm up before bed. It was quite cool in the evening, but nowhere near as bad as Weeton in April.

We woke early on Saturday, the sun was shining and we were able to see the lovely Sankey that Rod (The Landy Man) had found for Jono. It did look well with the LWT and Jono was able to find some glass lenses that were in keeping with the age of the Sankey and LWT.

Kev Tweedy from the Lightweight Club came over to collect a pair of 2A wings that I had brought down for him. He staggered away with a really nice split tailgate as well, returning later for the vent panel from the same donor vehicle. Rob sold 3 wing boxes and 3 sets of aerials, which just about covered his fuel costs and most of the LWT parts that were for sale went too.

Neil, (aka AR4412), finally broke his Peterborough jinx and made it to the show for the day, buying clamps to help hold his bonnet together whilst carrying out repairs. All being well, by the time Peterborough comes around next year, he will hopefully have his Para Recce LWT completed.

On Saturday we took the vehicles into the arena and were there to witness Ade from the Lightweight Landrover Club perform a stripdown of his LWT to ‘air-portable’ state in less than 3 minutes.

When we returned to the stand, we put the radios and weapons out on display and over the day we had a really good flow of visitors onto the stand who showed great interest in the vehicles and equipment.

As the show closed for the day, we fired-up the pig and prepared the ingredients for the obligatory Club curry. We had a really nice evening just chatting away by the fire with only a very light spotting of rain.

Sunday came and I arose early to take photographs for the website. This proved to be a real waste of time as the sun was up and very low in the sky causing most of the shots to be not worthy of showing. Later in the day I rushed round to take a few more, but people were starting to leave so unfortunately there weren’t that many for the website.

image005We went into the arena again, at the same time as EMLRA and Barry Pocock with his private collection of Special Forces Landies. After each Club had spoken in turn about their Club and vehicles, all 35 ex-military Landrovers drove around the arena, in varying directions, which was very uncoordinated but looked fantastic. I jumped in the Para Recce with Rob as I was without vehicle…again.

Back at the stand and although quieter than Saturday, we still had plenty of visitors. Shaun returned with Sarah and we had lovely day in the sun. All too soon and we had to start packing the Club Stand away and late afternoon, Cliff, Shaun & Sarah, Jono & Bethany said goodbye and all headed home. Graham, Rob and myself stayed over on Sunday and had a really pleasant evening just sat around the fire.

Monday morning came and we all packed our final few things before saying goodbye. Everyone made it home safely, with the 2.25 petrol in Rob’s LWT making its final journey before moving over for a 200TDi Discovery unit over winter. It is always sad when the show season comes to an end and we don’t see one another till the next year. Although, this year, we may try and organise an ‘out-of-season’ meet up at the Stoneleigh Military Fair at the beginning of February 2014.

Until then, take care and I hope that you all have a great Christmas and New Year.