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Club & Member Awards

At every event we try and put on the best possible show for the public, we have a great team that always give 100%. Some traveling hundreds of mile to support the event and its organizers. Below are some of the awards the club and its members have won since we began in 2011. 2011...

Club History

The Military Lightweight Club evolved from the website, created by Val I'Anson and Gordon Bennett. Both Val and Gordon are enthusiastic Lightweight owners and have been for many years. The website was originally to be used as a place to record Val’s and Gordon’s vehicles and displays. Following the purchase of a pair of...

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Displaying your vehicle

Displaying your vehicle/project on the Website Would you like your vehicle/project to be displayed on the website? if so, this is all you need to do:  Complete the Questions and Answers. The more you can tell us the better the write up will be.  Email the completed questions to us  Send a selection of pictures, of...