1. You must follow the instructions of the Club Chairman, Show and Weapons Marshalls at all times.
  2. You will follow all showground rules and regulations.
  3. You should be presentable, polite and courteous to everyone. Foul and bad language should be avoided.


  1. All vehicles must have at least ‘Third Party’ insurance, be in possession of a current valid MOT certificate (if required) and be taxed for use on the road.
  2. Trailered vehicles that do not have MOT/Insurance etc, can only be displayed with prior agreement of the Club Chairman or Show Marshall. You will not be covered by the clubs Public Liability Insurance for your vehicle and we recommend having ‘Third Party’ Insurance as a minimum.
  3. Vehicles must not be operated by anyone unless they hold the appropriate licence and insurance.
  4. Vehicles should be parked with the handbrake on and/ or wheel chocks fitted.


  1. When moving vehicles on-site, extreme care must be taken with regard to the public, especially be aware of children.
  2. All reversing vehicles must have a banksman.
  3. Sirens/ Horns must not be sounded unless the vehicle is in the arena or there is an immediate danger to personnel/ animals or another vehicle.
  4. Where required by the organizers, hazard warning lights must be used when moving your vehicle. We recommend you have your headlights and hazards on whenever moving your vehicle on site.


  1. Care is required when coupling trailers to the towing vehicle on soft and uneven ground.
  2. Keep fingers out of the way when coupling trailer eye to the vehicle.
  3. Trailer handbrakes must be applied when not connected to a vehicle.



  1. All vehicles must have a suitable working fire extinguisher prominently located for use in an emergency.
  2. A working fire extinguisher must be located next to any open fire and cooking area. There should always be a fire extinguisher within the club tent/ shelter.



  1. All fires must be at a reasonable distance from vehicles and combustible materials. BBQ’s must not be used within tents. All BBQ’s and Open fires must be a safe distance from any public rights of way. A minimum distance of 2m is recommended by the club.
  2. All fires should be raised off the ground and reasonable attempts should be made to prevent hot embers or ash damaging the ground beneath.
  3. Smoking is permitted on the club stand, all cigarette ends must be extinguished and disposed of safely in a bin. Please check the event organisers and site rules regarding smoking on site.



  1. All fuel must be stored in the correct container and clearly marked. It should be stored away from direct sunlight and out of reach of children.
  2. Any leaking containers including fuel tanks are not permitted on the stand.
  3. A vehicle with a fuel leak should be moved to a safe location away from any other vehicles or property and assessed for repair. Where possible warnings should be put into place to prevent accidental ignition.
  4. When transferring fuel to and from a container or vehicle extreme care should be taken to prevent spillage and fire. This should be done at a safe distance from and other vehicles or property.



  1. Gas bottles should be stored in a safe location away from open fire/ flames and out of direct sunlight.
  2. All fittings should be in a good serviceable condition and isolated at night.
  3. Spare gas bottles should be stored in a well ventilated location, bottles should not be stored in sleeping areas.



  1. The maximum noise output of a generator must not exceed 90 dB(a) without permission of the Club Chairman or Show Marshal.
  2. You may only run a generator between the hours of 9am and 8pm, you may be asked to turn the generator off by a show marshal.
  3. An earth spike must be used.
  4. Any extension leads, fittings and insulation must be in good condition and a suitable size for the duty required.



  1. Correct PPE should be worn at all times.
  2. Only proper steps or ladders, fit for purpose should be used. A chair/ bench is not an acceptable alternative.
  3. Be mindful of wet and muddy conditions.
  4. When climbing on vehicles extra care should be taken.


  1. If high winds are expected, awnings etc should be taken down or extra guys fitted to prevent take off.
  2. No poles at head height with points are allowed.
  3. Guy ropes must not obstruct any designated public access routes and should be suitably marked if they constitute a potential trip hazard.


  1. Correct PPE should be worn at all times.
  2. Only competent/ qualified persons should perform repairs to a vehicle.
  3. If work needs to be carried out on a vehicle with the wheel removed, then the vehicle must be correctly and safely supported at all times.
  4. Ground conditions should be taken into account when jacking a vehicle up and the public kept at a safe distance.


  1. Dogs must be kept under control at all times and as per the show ground rules.
  2. Aggressive dogs are not permitted.
  3. Any fouling should be cleared and disposed of in the correct manner.


  1. All ignition keys should be removed from the vehicle when not in use.
  2. Keys should be stored in a secure location at all times.


  1. Deactivation certificates must be taken to all shows, and be available on request.
  2. Anyone bringing Deacs, RIF’s, Replicas must have a Club Membership Card.
  3. Rules regarding the carrying of weapons within the Showground must be strictly followed at all times.
  4. Weapons of all types must be secured at all times.
  5. The Weapons Marshal has the final say. They will inspect every weapon before it is allowed on display within the stand.


  1. Only qualified and licensed radio operators may operate radio equipment on the stand.
  2. All equipment must be safe and fit for display.
  3. Equipment should remain in the off position at all times.