Lightweight Land Rover Register
Known Lightweight Land Rovers
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45 ? 52may 1972 series 3 lightweight, chassis no 95100019arobert kirkwood
42 FG 521969, GS, RHD, served with 4 Cdo Bde Sig Sqn RM, 508 GL Sect RAF Coningsby, 500 GL Sect and GL Gp HQ & 500 GL Sect. Now in Tampico, MexicoGilberto Castaneda
00 FL 73Restored. Featured in LRO magazine spring 2012. Issued to The Mercian Depot, The Prince of Wales Division. Based at Whittington Barracks, Lichfield.Adrian Fox
45 FL 79Rolling Project 1972 series 3 lightweight. Chassis Number 95100046AJohn Pym
74 FM 181974 series 3, originally 24volt FFR, Served all its military life in Northern Ireland, with the Royal Scots and the Royal Welsh Regiments as well as a unit called ISP 12 ,(internal Security Pack) VPK holes still visible on bodywork. Steve Hallam
25 FM 811973 G.S. served with the RCT in doncaster, has recently been sold to a Mr Sean Bean!, still with the original engine!Dave Pearce
10 GT 091978 series 3 truck gs lhd served with welsh fusilers in west germany with baorsimone de lorenzo
08 GX 90GS 12V 7.3.79 HILTON. 17.5.79 22 Sqn RCT (Old Sarum?) 17.11.81. Defence Nuclear Bio Chem Centre (Porton. 3 miles from Old Sarum!) until Cast : 12.11.97 Aston Down. Registered Civil WPO683T 2001. Total restoration 2010 ,Now living near Guildford 12v GS at front 24v FFR at rear with limited split charging. VRC321, PRC320,PRC352.VRC353. (all working) Nato green, Badged 1.DERR as was owner G0GNERobin Maddison
19 HF 01Series III FFR 24 Volt Light Weight Land Rover, served with the UK Rifle Regiment Graham Moughton
48 HG 32fully restored GS 12volt 1981.served in ireland phil leonard
15 HG 591980 GS Lightweight served with 38 signals, green howards and 1DERR. Now fitted with 2L Perkins Diesel.Cameron Smith
16 HG 611980 Series III Airportable Lightweight, known in the family as "Sarge". Military history not known as yet, (05-11-11), was in "Desert Camo" at some stage and I keep finding sand in places.Norman Callaghan
55 HG 89FFRJim Tranter
57 KB 66Built in 1983 it spent the first two years in storage intill it was sent to 22 SAS where it stayed intill it was cast in 1992Shaun Kane
57 KB 991980/83 GS Cast 1999 ex RAF possibly ex Cyprus. 2.25 std petrol.Graham Hibbs
13RN82Purchased by myself in 1990 this 24V FFR came out of service in 1989 having been taken into service in 1982. She still carries the markings 3CDO24 & was part of what was known as CHOSC (Commando Helicopter Operation Support Cell) attached to MAOT the mobile Air Operations Team. Now known as the HCF or Helicopter Force. She was deployed out of RNAS Yeovilton serving with 845 & 846 helicopter Squadrons & was used as a ground to air communication vehicle (This gleaned from the motor pool at Yeovilton) When I purchased the vehicle & first registered her on LYB 350 Y I was lucky enough to find a copy of the Cast Document under the seat which led me into the details I have been able to gather. The Falklands, Belize & Norway are listed postings, when purchased she was in Black & White cammo though currently she is Black & Green. However she remains in the fully winterised state with centrally mounted Williams Heater all aluminium ducting, lined interior, rubber tubing on gear levers & handbrake & wrap around rubber snow screen for the windscreen & door windows. Steve Casely