The Military Lightweight Club

For anyone interested in the Air-Portable Land Rover and other military vehicles.

Our aims as a club are:

  • To help preserve the number of vehicles being kept alivelwt GS mirror 2
  • To help with sourcing parts and equipment for restoration/projects
  • To increase the number of Military Lightweights being displayed at shows
  • To provide a place where owners and enthusiasts of the marque can meet up and show off their vehicles, as when used in service and their displays of military equipment
  • To share ideas, experiences and provide technical information
  • To support fellow owners with their projects
  • To provide a knowledge-base for all aspects of owning a Lightweight Land Rover

Why not join the Forum.

As a forum based club it’s a great place to interact and chat to other members. There is also a wealth of knowledge when it come to all things Lightweight.


Come join us at Events.

Why not come along and see us on display at one of the many events we attend during the year. And if you feel its something you would like to do then why not join us.